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The territory of natural monuments Vustra made up slope spring and pond. The most valuable type of vegetation in the past there was dwarf sedge (Carex humilis) meadow. Plant community after 1990 was due to the cessation of agricultural activities substantially damaged. After the declaration of natural monuments and conduct regular mowing meadows status is greatly improved, but the return of missing species occurred. Another plant community of this area behind the arch pigra are noteworthy. From the group of specially protected species is characteristic for them globeflower highest incidence and Western Marsh Orchid.

Over thirty vertebrates were counted in the Vustra. Area predominantly inhabited by birds (heron, kingfisher). In the pond you can see a large number of amphibians, such as the common toad, frog or newt general brown and mountain. Vústra is also a tourist destination together with the nearby ruins of Kozlov and image of the Virgin Mary, which is located at the forest road on the left bank of the pond.

Beware, however, the fabled Vústry which are gaining their energy and according to them, perhaps has a place name. Once there you will see a creature with a woman's body, which will weave through the air above the surface of the pond and begins to delve into it slowly to the mud on the bottom, which contains a large amount of sapropel pumped new energy to their evil deeds.

GPS position

N 50° 33.547', E 15° 7.410'



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