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Libun peatlands

Natural Monument Libun peatlands covering 18.69 ha was promulgated for the protection of fen meadows along a meandering stream Javorka. Fen meadows of this type used to be much more abundant in Jičín, but they were destroyed during the land consolidation going here since the 60 20th century. The area is prohibited peat mining and burning of reed stands.

Peat formed in the alluvial plain of the lower reaches Javorka. The basis of the Holocene sediments loamy peat bog, covering the northern part of the Pleistocene loess and in the southern part of the Upper Cretaceous sediments are exposed (marly sandstone and marl Jizera Formation. Addition organozemě mud along the flow Javorka developed typical alluvial soil, which builds on the brown soil.

Center consists of fen meadows surrounded by forests mesophilic meadows and stands of willow bushes. Part of the area is the relatively large area of ​​water, which was created in mining peat, completed in 1992. In the area there are more than 180 species of higher plants, some of which are a protected and endangered species. An example might be globeflower highest (Trollius altissimus), Western Marsh Orchid (Dacrylorhiza majalis), davalliana endangered sedge (Carex davalliana) angustifolium cotton grass (Eriophorum angustifolium), northern bedstraw (Galium boreale), St. John's four wings (Hypericum tetrapterum), yellow iris (Iris pseudacorus).

GPS position

N 50° 29.573', E 15° 16.436'



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