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Komárov pond

Komárov pond, also sometimes incorrectly called Branžež after the village on its shore, with its area 53 ha is the second largest pond in Bohemian Paradise (the largest is Zabakor). The pond was built in cut quartz sandstones upon the Kněžmostka river, which also supplies water nearby Drhleny pond, which can be reached after the yellow tourist route downstream river. Previously, it was purely a breeding pond is now its main function recreation. In its vicinity are several beaches and campsites.

Fauna and flora of the area brings together three habitats: own pond, bog on the northern side of the pond and the woods on the sandstone bedrock. Plants are the most widespread in the moorlands. At the top of the rocks we can see pine woods. In addition to the typical mammalian fauna of this area complement the birds eagle owl, heron, rarely can be seen as a falcon. The pond itself is due to the use of nutrients for recreation and fish crew in livable condition, which corresponds to the composition of the water malacofauna (separately), which is relatively rich. There was found to weaker population swan mussel (Anodonta cygnea), which is in the Red List shellfish classified as vulnerable species.

The previously mentioned quartz sandstone are visible from the pond on a rock formation Sokolka. About 40 m high rock plateau rises above the surrounding forests. The platform is at the top dimensions approximately 500×200 meters and it is a nice view of the surroundings. Now it is due to the heavy traffic not allowed to prevent further erosion of the area.

GPS position

N 50° 30.251', E 15° 4.410'



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