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Jinolice ponds

The system of Jinolice ponds consists of three ponds : Oborský, Nemecek and Vražda (Murder). The first two are suitable for swimming and the third is a natural monument. Subsoil ponds are low permeable calcareous claystone and marl.

Oborský rybník pond

The largest of the ponds, Oborský, has an area of ​​11.4 hectares. Provides tourists to swim. The bottom is made ​​up of sandy sediments suitable for swimming with children. On the shore are sandy and grassy beach. Can also use a variety of water sports. Another pond is Nemecek (area 5.2 ha). It also provides swimming, especially in the vicinity of the dam. Both ponds are camps with accommodation in chalets or own caravans and tents. At the beach, changing rooms and refreshments.


Natural Monument Vražda Pond was established in 1999 and covers an area of ​​6 hectares. It is not only about own pond (2.1 ha), but also the surrounding wetland meadows. On them grow as globeflower general, Toli mud, Western Marsh Orchid, davalliana sedge etc.

In 1999, here was managed the local meadows after a nine-year break mow. Since that year mown regularly. Problem with mown grass in this area addresses the PLA Bohemian Paradise as it serves to hide snakes. The grass is nanošena a pile, bounded wooden kulaks. Snakes, almost exclusively grass snake, they meet together here and lay eggs. The resulting compost is pretty nice snake eggs moisture and heat.

Oborský rybník and Němeček ponds

GPS position

N 50° 28.534', E 15° 18.045'



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