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Towers and viewpoints

Viewpoints of Hruboskalsko

Hruboskalsko is the largest rock city of the Bohemian Paradise. Sandstone body consists of weakly to moderately litific, light gray quartz sandstone ashlar on the thickness of about 120 m, while individual outcrops are as high as 80 m from the tectonic point of view is the core part of the nearby so-called floes, partly turning point or even limited: in the north is a break in Libuňka valley. Just altitude and tectonic fault gave rise to many natural vistas on the cliff edges and rock blocks at the edge of pack ice. The prospects can see much of the rock towers Hruboskalsko.

Most prospects are available from the red marked trail Gold Bohemian Paradise. Now you are on the lookout Marienbad, where you can see the castle Hruby Rohozec and debris behind. Other prospects on the tourist route are prospect of band where you can see various rock bands with towers towers bandleader. This group rocks even see the other side of the prospects for lion. When Wallenstein castle from before you turn on the blue-marked trail after 500 meters you will reach the prospect of Genoa, where you have a perfect view of the rocky cliff Devil's Hand, where the oldest known archaeological finds. All prospects also allow views of the surrounding area and are home to kestrels and the falcon. If he goes to the castle Wallenstein Turnova encounter a lone rock called Hlavatice, which was built around the prospect of Turnov.

GPS position

N 50° 32.082', E 15° 10.742'



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