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Folk architecture

Curious Lane

Unique example of folk architecture in Krkonoše Piedmont region is a set of wooden residential houses Zvědavá ulička (Curious Lane) in Jilemnice. Street name comes from the fact that the houses on the west side are built in a row so that everyone else was shoved one window closer to the street axis. It is reason rapidly narrows and turns. Houses impress curiosity of their inhabitants, whose want to watch what is happen on the high street.

Houses are timbered, consisting of massive beams and gaps between them are filled screed of clay and chaff. Beams were not subject to harsh climate so fast initially infused with ox blood. Most spectacular part of the construction of wooden houses are gable with ornately carved moldings and closed hood. Therehas been located the richly painted decking board with prayer for God's protection and with information of building of the house. Preserved data on the houses show that most of the houses were built after 1788, when a major fire engulfed the city. Mainly craftsmen such as weavers, bakers, gingerbread, brush, carpenters and so on lived in the Curious Lane in the past.

GPS position

N 50° 36.536', E 15° 30.152'



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