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Folk architecture

Šolc's Homestead

Šolc homestead stands at at center of Sobotka. It was built in 1811 The oldest surviving relic (decking board) i s from this period, which you can see in the gallery on the homestead. The board is currently in the year 1811. Josef Šolc with his son founded large farm. The farm belonged to several farm buildings, including preserved stable (currently lapidary). He added other residential building soon, for example stone house No. 259. It becamefamous by it K. V. Rais (1859 – 1926). He wrote book Pantáta Bezoušek during holiday stays .

The most famous grandson of the founder, the poet Václav Šolc, was born in 1838. It soon became apparent that the grandchildren of the founder of the ancestral inherited entrepreneurial talent. Economy went bankrupt in their hands. The oldest grandson Jan kidnap the failure. He committed suicide by hanging in the attic farm. Šolcs left their farm definitely at the end of the 19th century and it quickly changed owners.

The homestead fell into the hands of Samšiňák‘s families in the 30’s of 20th century. Šolc hometsead was expropriated by the state in 1950, when Communists came to power. Šolc homestead was included in the list of cultural monuments on 3 May 1958. It were reconstructed totally after this.

The first step to return Šolc homestead to Samšiňákwas made in 1971. Dr. Karel Samšiňák began to realize his intention to establish the art gallery on ground floor. The first exhibition were prepared in 1974. Homestead were restituted by Samšiňák’s family in 2005 The overall reconstruction began immediately, it was finished in 2009.

GPS position

N 50° 28.035', E 15° 10.734'



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