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Folk architecture

Pekař's gateway

Rock formation Pekařova brána is a work of nature and man too. Nature has created an unusually shaped rock which seemed to offer itself to the cutting of the passage and man did it. Pekařova brána spans the roads leading from Vyskeř to Libošovice, near Podlažany. This place passes through cycling and also yellow marked trail. It is one of the nice dominant over the Žehrovka‘s valley and certainly deserves our attention in this way lead our steps on the way to the castle Kost.

Rock formation, called Mnich (the Monk), with a carved hole in the whole breadth of the road in style reminds Gothic arch. The name gained gateway after historian dr. Josef Pekař. Today the tourist trail of Valdštejn at Kost (green signs) is routed away from the valley Čertoryje. It's great that the builders of roads didn’t demolish whole rock, but they gave a job with the carving of that passage. This allows the tourist interesting area of Bohemian Paradise boasts other attractions.

GPS position

N 50° 30.892', E 15° 10.138'



Geopark UNESCO Český ráj
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