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Tatobity - Malířova zahrada

Educational trail starts in the Malirova zahrada (Painter's garden). It introduces Jan Dědina and an outdoor geological exposition. Visitors find out the historical monuments in the village Tatobity on the trail. Painter Jan Dědina (1870–1955) spent the end of his life in Tatobity, in a village between Turnov and Semily. He was born in Straky near Nymburk. He studied Applied Arts in Prague after elementary school. He was a student of Professor Zenisek. He studied sculpture at Professor J. V. Myslbek too. He went to work in the studios Pirner and Sequens after 4 year. He had to join to army in 1893. He did not like much army. He deserted from the barracks in Trent and moved in Italy. He came to Paris, where he supported himself by illustrating magazines. The first contract was recieved so that he's the Painter Ludek Marold left him some illustration, because he was overworked. He also coworked with Mihály Munkács, Albert Besnard later assisted in implementing the paintings in the Comedie Francaise and the Petit Palais. In 1900, He received award for a portrait of his sister at the World Exhibition in Paris. He was a member of the Rodin accompanied during his visit to Prague in 1902. He came back to Nymburk in 1908. He moved to Prague later and finally to Tatobity. Concept of Dědina’s illus­trations and genre scenes were close Ludek Marold.

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N 50° 34.469', E 15° 15.916'



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