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Stastna Zeme

Natural children's en­tertainment area Stastna země (Happy Land) in Radvánovice was founded in 2004 and has gained permanent number of visitors since its start. Visitors are especially families with young children. The idea of the complex was established in 2002 when the first festival was held straw, still on the leased land. It was a need to children's slides. They were the made „self-help“. It was the beginning of the now rapidly growing company Tomovy Parky s.r.o.

Entertainment children's offers the original programs supported by a number of supporting activities, also wooden castle, miniature village, swings, sand or placer with genuine Bohemian garnets, and also popular air trampolines etc.

Nature Trail „Experiential Bohemian Paradise Geopark“ is very similar to the previous path. Each stop, which is approximately 2 km long circuit 18, require interactive intervention visitor. At each stop is a description with instructions given by utility functions. All the phenomena of the Geopark is showed on this trail in one place. You will learn how the river function, how difficult it is worked by rockr or how rock cities were created. The trail is part of the Stastna Zeme. If you want to pass, you must pay an entrance fee. The parking area is here and the train station hruba Skala is half a kilometer far.

Štastná země

Entrance to Geopark

GPS position

N 50° 33.093', E 15° 13.440'



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