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Nová Paka

Existence of town Nova Paka is documented since 1357, when pastor was assigned in the local church of St. Mikulas. The town had a center at the confluence of the Brdy‘s brook and the Rokytka rivers. It is hidden under the eastern part of today's square. The town was affected by the great fire in 1563, and the plague broke out five years later. It killed half the population of the town. Paulines monastery was established in the second half of the 17th century. The monastery church in the Baroque style was ordained in 1724 and in subsequent years was completed. Interesting is the Chapel of „Our Lady of Sorrows,“ what was built in the years 1700–1709. Visitor's attention will certainly provoke the Greek-Catholic church. It was moved in 1930 from Obava at Uzhorod by Otto Kretschmer. The newer building is the chapel of the Church of the Czechoslovak Hussite Church, which is decorated with stained glass windows native painters Otakar Zemina.

Remains of Chronicle timbered cottages and Suchardas house is attracted you in the center of town . In Suchardas house is a historical exhibition and there are intimate spaces for exhibitions artists from the region. It is the seat of the museum as well as the Treasury of precious stones, where the information center. Information Center is a museum ticket office and gems shop too. Information center is open same as Treasury. In other cases, you can send questions by e-mail or call.

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N 50° 29.732', E 15° 30.812'



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