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Water in geopark


The river Cidlina is a right tributary of the river Labe. It rises in the woods on the western slope of the Tabor Hill. It flows trought Bohemian Paradise toward Zeleznice and Jicin. Its name losts near Podebrady.

Start flux decreases steeply from Kosov to the village Cidlina and here its flow gets into the relative plane. Here are its bedrock younger Paleozoic volcanic rocks. Melaphyrs feature in almost continuous lane in the direction northwest – southeast across the study area. This bar is only interrupted by tectonic valleyof the Jizera river at Mala Skala and basalt eruptions on the north side of the Kozakov hill. They build distinctive piedmont group Kozákov and Tabor, Levin‘s Highlands at Nova Paka and powerful massif between Semily and Jilemnice. Melaphyrs form irregular intrusive bodies and bed vein, the largest of which is the body Kozákovo ridge, intruduces to the old line of discontinuity, which was revived as Lusatian fault during saxons orogeny. Mandelstones (types of lavas) are the most common, tholeiit is known from Hořensko. Lavas have a rich almond filling, especially in the area of Hodkovice nad Mohelkou, Frýdštejn, Kozákov and Tabor. Weathering of the slope of Tabor and surrounding hills formed slope sediments and soils skelets that include disperse agates, jasper and quartz varieties. Fragments of rocks and minerals are disperse during heavy rains and the effects of river flow. Material from the Tabor hill flows in the Cidlina river and create the first terrace near the village Cidlina. The river flows through the Cretacerous deposits with a lot of fossils. Even fragments of cretaceous sandstones with fossils enrich abducted material then stored in more and more terraces, of which the best known are nearChlumec nad Cidlinou. The Cidlina river terraces are generally known for their wealth of agates, jasper and quartz crystallized.

GPS position

N 50° 30.242', E 15° 20.663'



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