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Rieger's Path

Böhm viewpoint

Rieger's path through the gorge between the Jizera Semily and Zelezny Brod. The first part was set up in 1903 and the second part was the backbone in 1909. It was named after the famous Czech politician 19th century, Semilská native, dr. František Ladislav Rieger. Path was built by the Czech Tourist Club under the leadership of the first President of this club in Semily Antonín Böhm. Its name to the local prospect roofed resting place from which you can see in the distance Mountains, a considerable portion Rieger trails and on the left bank of the Raven towering rock. The trail passes through the complex Železný crystalline metamorphic rocks. Such rocks originally established, which arose mainly in the Ordovician, Silurian and Lower Devonian and during the Variscan orogeny were mostly converted to phyllite, quartzite phyllite with inserts of crystalline calcite and chlorite-phyllites sericitické with plane schistosity (roofing slate Železný). The crystalline occur also powers a small quartzite bands, which are metamorphosed quartz sandstone. Part of this is also Železnobrodské crystalline volcanic complex, which consists mostly of basic volcanic rocks, metamorphosed to green shale and similar rock. Jizera Bitouchov intersects the smaller albitic crushed granite massif and creates in him gorge with rock walls and pillars up to 40 meters high. This granite is most acidic in Bohemia abyss igneous, rich quartz and feldspar albite. Massif was crushed, especially during the Variscan orogeny. Stronger position Železný Brod crystalline features in the rock ridges and cliffs, from which grandiosity Raven Rock stands on the left bank Jizera. Interestingly the right bank of the hill is the cliff Medenec Mouse rocks formed body kozákovského Tertiary basalt columnar jointing. Its origin is to be put into geologically recent times, when Kozákov in the second half of the Neogene was active volcano. Riverbed Jizera seats filled boulders on which to create the giant pot., A consequence of the activities of fast flowing water that rotational motion boulder at the bottom of these depressions created by entrained gravel material. The slopes are mainly covered by the soils with numerous fragments of local rocks.

View of the still not forested slopes

The view across the river

The lower part of prospects

GPS position

N 50° 37.247', E 15° 18.315'



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