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Glass School in Zelezny Brod

Glass School in Zelezny Brod was founded in 1920, gained his school building but until a few years later. From 1924 to 1925 it designed by Ing. Victorin arch Sulc and builder Joseph Vondracek built local builders. Glass School has been crucial for the promotion and development of glass production in Zelezny Brod, but throughout the region. It was the first Czech school of this kind.

The origin were young professors from the Institute of Applied Arts – sculptor J. Brychta, Z. Yun, L. Přenosil and more with the first director Alois Metelák. From this beginning to happen now for school primary mission "to educate crafted savvy, artistically knowledgeable glass specialists, able to explore new possibilities of glass processing in conjunction with the development of technology that will increase their fame Czech glass industry.V wor­kshops began to give birth to the world-famous glass figurines.

For the duration of the school has evolved into its current form seven craft art department branches and branch technology.

Came here long series of glassmakers, výtvarníků.Učili here and lead this school celebrities. For many M. Janků, J. Válová, prof. S. Libenský, Elijah B., G. Šabóková, J. Rybak, J. Exnar, P. Jezek, Z. Lhotský, R. Plesl and more. Železnobrodské Arts School is a major factor in the unique world of glass education in the Czech Republic. Although institutions with a specific focus to the practice comprehensively prepares artists, masters of glass craft and technology, its graduates work as teachers, managers, entrepreneurs, etc.

With visual outputs introduces students each school year show that the range and quality is unparalleled. The school develops but also after other sites: its building from the mid-20th years at the end of the century underwent intensive changes created new drawing studios, added an annex with architecturally acclaimed modern gym, well equipped laboratories and lecture hall.

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