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Piarist monastery, college and grammar school

One-storey three-wing baroque building of the former Piarist monastery, college and grammar school is located at the street Jičínská No. 50. The college was founded in 1694 by the then Bishop of Olomouc and the owner of the Hukvaldy estate, Charles II. of Liechtenstein – Kastelkorn. After a completion of the capital south wing in 1700, the building was handed over to Piarists to use and the teaching began. Western and east wing were built later. The author of the project was apparently G.P. Tencalla, Italian-Swiss architect, in the Czech lands known for his work in Moravia in the service of the bishops of Olomouc. In 1768, a corridor linking the building with the opposite St. Valentine Church was constructed (demolished 1875). The grammar school was canceled in 1777 and instead the main school under the Piarists administration was set up. In 1870, the Piarists withdrew from a contract to the municipality. The grammar school came under the village administration, and since 1875 under the state administration. In the same year, the teaching institute was established in Příbor, the town became a center of education of the northeastern Moravia. The municipality released the rooms of the former Piarist College. For the purposes of the institute, south and west wing was extended in 1875, designed by an architect from Příbor K. Karlseder. Lower German grammar school was gradually abolished from 1885. The second Czech teacher's institute in Moravia (the second after Brno) operated in the building until the occupation in 1938. Today, the building with a beautiful refectory (dining room) and decorated with frescoes and stucco ornamentation serves as an exhibition hall of the municipal museum and an occasional concert hall. Rich Piarist library has been preserved in the building.

GPS position

N 49° 38.433', E 18° 8.441'



Geopark Podbeskydí/Občanské sdružení Hájenka
Ing. Dalibor Kvita