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Bohemian Paradise Museum in Prachov

Bohemian Paradise Nature Museum is located in Prachov. Its operation and Development ensures the same civic association. Visitors will learn about the nature and history of the Bohemian Paradise, especially Prachov rocks, with the beginnings of tourism and mountaineering, interesting facts about the flora and fauna, but also the current conservation. Inanimate nature is a collection of agates, jasper, and other minerals and rocks. Part of the permanent exhibition is devoted composed baroque landscape, which originated around the 17th Jičína century thanks to Albrecht von Wallenstein. Furthermore, archeology, local history, especially events related to the Prussian-Austrian war, when this place became in 1866 the scene of the Battle of Jičín.

In the room called Paradise Frog is a gallery of portraits oroginálních Central frogs in their natural environment. Then there is the placed part of the collection of unique objects in the shape of a frog from many areas of human life., From different materials from all over the world. So there are plush frog, glass, stone and other, not just toys and decorative objects, but also frogs kitchen, bath, office and others from Europe, Africa, Asia, the Americas, frogs that have their own stories. The museum exhibitions are rotated daždoročně photograph from nature, interesting landscapes, plants and animals-parallel probýhá exhibition introducing visitors Lepař with family members who were the authors of the first maps Prachov Rocks, the first guide to rocks issued by the press and contributed to the discovery of the beauty of nature for public as well as about her first protection.

Is a traditional art exhibition of winning the contest Paint amphibian or reptile year, exposed to the work of all competition categories, from children from nursery schools through students, to adults, including participants from a retirement home or handicapped artists.

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N 50° 27.922', E 15° 18.344'



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