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Folk architecture


Now we are before the house No. 262, called “Grosovsko”. It is a picturesque house in the town's district Trávníky. Thanks to its sumptuous appearance the house was also called as the „town hall of Trávníky“. It is a historic sight, at which is interesting oblique laying of the roof's shale patterns, further richly decorated pilasters (motives of wreath and bell), at the windows pilasters with string motives. Author of the house is identical with the author of “Knopovsko” (No. 45). Value of the house consists mainly in its authentically preserved outer appearance, not disturbed by minor reconstructions and adjustments. The already mentioned “Knopovsko” (GPS N 50° 38.588‘ E 15° 15.331‘) stands in Malé náměstí. It is most likely the oldest stone house in Železný Brod. It should have been built around the year 1825, but the analyses of samples from roof frames show that it can be older (around the year 1785). On the side to Malé náměstí original classicist door with portal in Empire style can be seen. Bellow the triangle gable is a relief of a mermaid. The gable is on the upper side terminated by a classicist sandstone vase. In the year 2010 a costly and complicated reconstruction of the house begun. The sightseeing ring “Trávníky” with instructive tables is marked and you can walk through it. The ring leads you also into the conservation area “Trávníky” with more log- and stone buildings. Many sights of vernacular architecture will present themselves, as well as stone classicist houses and sandstone fountains. The journey guides us between old woody houses, which already don't have thatched roofs, however original typical small windows and adjacent gardens mostly remained. This area of the city has preserved its antique character (typical for the Krkonoše foothill). Narrow streets, which are crossing and branching here, lead us to interesting nooks. Every of the woody houses, on the first look poor, has own distinctive character and peculiar beauty.

GPS position

N 50° 38.575', E 15° 15.368'



Geopark UNESCO Český ráj
Jiří Vlasák