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Folk architecture


Běliště is the biggest and most beautiful log construction in Železný Brod. The house was built by nobility likely in 2nd half of 17th century. Originally there was a dye-works and a weaver's fulling machine near the house. After the reconstruction in 1807 the house changed its appearance, because its function changed to a tannery. In the house's gable preserved a board (from a lid), documenting the reconstruction by the text: „Léta Páně 1807 dne 6. Juny. Tento dům jest vyzdvižený s pomocí Boží a nákladem pana Jana Brožka, souseda zdejšího a mistra počestného řemesla koželužského. Mistr tesařský Jan Šída z Jesennýho. Tovaryši jeho též tam ocať.", which means that the house was finished in June 6, 1807 A.D. at the costs of the local tanner (“master of the respectable tanner craft”) Jan Brožek by carpenter Jan Šída and his journeymen from Jesenný. Běliště is one of the most interesting examples of folk building in the Železný Brod area. Today the building serves as ethnographic exposition of the City museum, intent on the history of Železný Brod and its close surroundings. Visitors can see there things documenting geological evolution of the area with representative applications of mineral raw materials, which were extracted in the territory – shales, limestones and iron ores. Also shown are archaeological founds of the nearby castle Návarov, examples of seals or copies of historic documents, indicating the historical evolution of the city. An old classroom, guild's items, shoemaker's corner with cobbler's stool, lasts and the indispensable belt. In one room is reconstructed baker's workroom with the oven, bucket and a kneader and above all with woody, richly carved forms for gingerbread. Further the visitor gets acquainted with the interior of a rural house, sees round articles of daily use, painted furniture or country as well as town's festive attire. People's dexterity of our ancestors is shown, besides exhibits, also in drawings of vernacular architecture by Josef V. Scheybal. In the attic are displayed woody Nativity scenes and models of burgher houses, which were in the square of Železný Brod. One of the favorite attractions for the visitors is a functioning barrel organ with 9 melodies, which often plays in Běliště up to now.

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