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Castles on the rocks

Drabske svetnicky

The remains of Castle Rock Drábské světničky lies on the edge of the rock platform Mužský. The history of the castle have only vague information. It was built on a site that has been inhabited since the Stone Age. It is assumed that it was founded in the 13 th and 14 century according to the available archaeological findings. The castle, situated on one hundred meters high sandstone blocks was due to the imperfection of firearms virtually impregnable. Rocks formed a natural fortification was added wooden structures. The amount of small rooms carved into the rock served primarily as a reservoir, and the people who lived in wooden buildings. The castle was very soon abandoned, but it is possible that during the 15th century was restored Hussites, who used it as a strategic point for tracking trade routes along the Jizera river to Lusatia. The castle was abandoned and began to deteriorate rapidly after the battle at Lipany in 1434. Abandoned castle served as a refuge of persecuted people during the Thirty Years War (16818–1648). Shrine was discovered in Drábské světničky after the First World War. Room is seven metres long and four meters wide and high. Stone bench at the walls and altar are still preserved inside. The altar was carved hole for relics, covered with a rough slate table, now stored in the collections of museums in Mnichovo Hradiště Model captures the expected appearance of the original castle is in the same museum. The remains of a rock castle freely accessible now. We can see here the carved thirty small rooms, which used to serve not only as a reservoir for corn and other crops, but also as a prison. The system is interconnected blocks of rock quantities stairs and ladders.

The highest parts with provides a unique view, which is the main attraction for many tourists. We can see Ralsko Jested, Krkonose, Jizera mountains and of course the Bohemian Paradise area around Mnichovo Hradiště.


Entry to the refugium

GPS position

N 50° 31.876', E 15° 1.945'



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