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Towers and viewpoints

Na Krásné vyhlídce

Na Krásné vyhhlídce (Beautiful view), as the name suggests, we have land at your fingertips. This rod was here nobleman, after which the pattern I started to walk and the people. The location is popular to this day, is one of the gateways to Příhrazy rocks where they meet hiking trails and you can choose which of them to go. Views of Ještěd and Jizera valley, Turnov, Žabakor pond, which is the largest in the Bohemian Paradise, adds restaurant that will feed other senses, not just sight. Almost beneath us is called fissure gap.

The male platform on which we are headed, is divided in several different ways. Northern edge, around the line Příhrazy – Drábské parlors, is more or less continuous parade of broken rock gorges and chimneys, with numerous rocky headlands and towers (the mare, rock needle Cat). Occasionally incurred rock gates. Great is the number of deep caves and overhangs. Near the edge of the platform everywhere meet with tensile cracks. Were built up numerous sinkholes, one of which continues fissure gap 22 meters deep. Typical rock towns here are not developed, the greater the concentration of towers is just Drábské světničky. South side platforms in the Příhrazských údolíčkách is divided into a dense network of shadowy canyons. On their upper edges are usually extremely rugged rocky defile individual headlands, ravines, chimneys and towers. Near the southeast edge of the area are two rocks, corresponding to the character of a small table mountains.

GPS position

N 50° 31.797', E 15° 2.936'



Geopark UNESCO Český ráj
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