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Towers and viewpoints

Valdice Gateway

Jičín boasts its historic core, including the remnants of fortifications from the 16th century. Part of the fortifications was also Valdická gate. It is a massive square tower, built in 1568 – the 1578th About a year beginning construction evidenced by the year 1568 on the outer wall. Passing through a gate with a cross vault arched over with the year 1578th In its construction were used chunks of masonry from the gate of 14 century. Originally a Renaissance building has undergone several modifications. In 1589, after a fire Jicin, the tower was raised by one floor. Further modifications took place mostly after the fires. In 1681 the tower was given a new roof, because the original Renaissance-shaped helmet burned. Today's appearance of the gate in 1840, when, according to local architect Opolzera wooden walkway was built and the roof got its pyramidal shape. In other more than 150 years, there has only partial repairs, like painting roofs, roofs, repair or correction clock internal wooden staircase. Only in 1999 was a major reconstruction, which has been conserved and repaired the crumbling masonry and mortar. In 2007, the inspection engineer found nearly five meters long crack in the wall of the tower, which was secured with a wooden walkway was reconstructed gate.

The tower is 52 meters high, and after climbing 156 steps to the lookout offers a view of wooden walkway at a height of 32 meters. With good visibility you can see Jičín preserved medieval town fortifications and wide area across from Zvičina. Krkonoše, Kozákov to Ještěd.

GPS position

N 50° 26.199', E 15° 21.198'



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