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Towers and viewpoints


The current tower is not the first building on Mount Tabor. Since 1493 there was a chapel founded Wallenstein. It was replaced in 1527 church. However, neither church building was pretty decent, so it was replaced during the Counter-Reformation Church of the Transfiguration. It was a church built by the Jesuits in 1704. The first tower was built on Tabor in the second half of the 19th century, were built throughout the country. The first tower was a wooden five-storey tower 22 meters high. Led to the observation deck 118 stairs. It stops function in 1997.

The second tower was already bricked. After years collection was inaugurated in 1911. Builder Václav Slaba stood 26 meters high brick tower that was considered his time as one of the most beautiful. Two years after that was opened Hornych's tourist lodge. Lookout tower reached its total height of 35 meters. The scenic walkway at a height of 29 meters leads 145 steps. Both buildings serve their purpose today, except a small pause from the 90th Years until 2004, when the cottage and tower closed.

When you have good luck during her visit to the clear weather, you can enjoy a large circular view, including Bohemian Paradise, Elbe, Krkonoše and Orlice Mountains or Bezděz.

GPS position

N 50° 30.571', E 15° 22.085'



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