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Towers and viewpoints


Milohlídka as tower is called on the hill Čeřovka (335 m). It is measured only 8 meters and climb to its top after 47 steps. It is the oldest building lookout in the Bohemian Paradise. Romantic stone tower from 1843 is more like a medieval castle ramparts than neo-gothic building tourist. The archival records were preserved springs, where we read that the prospect was built Jičín Hansgirg governor. The construction of the tower to take money through donations from local residents. Construction was also important in terms of poor Jičín that got through her ​​work. So the tower was a charity event for the poor, such an analogy Hunger Wall. With the development of tourism in the late 19th century, Milohlídka is becoming popular not only for Jičín hikers. In 1885 the local area have decided to amend the old basalt quarry cozy park with paths, benches and a gazebo. After some time, the rich burghers began to fear that the tower could collapse, so they built a massive retaining wall that still stands today.

GPS position

N 50° 34.955', E 15° 13.465'



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