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Towers and viewpoints

Ski jump

The local ski jumping with construction point 70 meters is not set typically to hill, but it costs almost over top of hill. This gives visitors a view of virtually all parties. The local ski area called VPopelkách underwent extensive renovation in 2004 – 2007. As part of this renovation was the largest of the local ski jumping rebuilt and it was parked observation gallery. This is the bridge became a prospect. This year was again made ​​available to the lookout on the nearby Tabor, so from Lomnice nad Popelkou suddenly became viewpoint superpower of Bohemian Paradise. Official prospect of ski jumping is Bohemia rarity.

During the approach to the tower away from the area so be very careful if you two closer bridge jumping, just a jumper. When accessing the bridge K-70, go over stopway two smaller bridge, where even in summer jumps on artificial turf.

The history of ski jumping in Lomnice of Cinderella is long. The first ski jumping was built on „Babylon“ in the 20th 20th century, this small bridge served as a lookout point. The bridge was demolished in 1951 begins construction of a new ski jumping V Popelkách.

GPS position

N 50° 31.839', E 15° 20.895'



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