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Towers and viewpoints


Kopanina is the most northern tower of the Bohemian Paradise, which is located on the crest Kopaniny. It is 18 meters high at an altitude of 657 m above sea level should symbolize the Watchtower CZech nation because Kopanina Hill formed the imaginary border between the Czech-speaking population (direction Turnov) and German generally in the direction of Jablonec nad Nisou. The proposed tower was commissioned by a member of the Club of Czech tourists from Turnov Frantisek Dub. Suggested it as a cylindrical tower of brick, which ended with battlements. This proposal was accepted and in the fall of 1893 the cornerstone was laid and the construction was started. Third June 1894, less than a year after the start of construction of the tower was officially handed over to tourists. On the day of the opening, attended by more than 400 tower tourists and the entrance fee was collected 20 gold and 7 dimes. Tower got its present appearance in 1936, when the tower was roofed and fitted with glass windows. In 1948 the tower was in custody TJ Frýdštejn and in 1965 it took over the municipal office Frýdštejn, under whose administration is today. On top of the tower stairs lead 94. After leaving it opens a beautiful view of the surrounding area. On the one hand, the view of a large part of the Bohemian Paradise and Giant Mountains and the Giant Mountains on the other. For good visibility, you can also see the ruins of Bezděz and even remote Házmburk. For example, the eastern side of the boiler, with an observation Žalý or Black Mountain near Janske Lazne. The tower is a refreshment in the restaurant Myslivecká chata.

GPS position

N 50° 39.578', E 15° 9.883'



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