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Štramberský kras

Horní korýtko (Upper trough, 392 m)

The rock spring Upper trough is one of the most important water sources in the Štramberk territory. The current form was modified by the contemporary mayor Augustine Raska in 1866. The spring is led into a stone reservoir, which in the past served as a source of fire water with an overflow into the trough for cattle. Side wooden marketplace served for water consumption for the households. Near the spring, you can also find a block of sandstone which was used for hammering clothes during washing. Before the construction of urban water supply, the drinking water was carried to the households in tubs on the weights (a wooden stick with two hanged tubs). In case of lack of water, people used to stand in long lines at the spring through the night. Not only a difficult way of carrying water was making trouble to the people. It happened that the water resources became through the pollution a source of infection. Even the water from the Upper trough became a source of typhoid infection in the past and the spring had to be repaired and cleaned so the slurry could not get into it. All this changed radically after 1888, when an urban water supply was built using water from White well at the western slopes of the Bílá hora (White Mountain).

GPS position

N 49° 35.429', E 18° 7.156'



Geopark Podbeskydí/Občanské sdružení Hájenka
Ing. Dalibor Kvita