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Náčkovice Lookout Tower

There is a relatively young, beautiful lookout tower rising over Náčkovice municipality at the altitude of 616 m at a place where once used to be a bell tower. It was built as a telecommunication transmitter in the year 2003 and it stands 21 m tall. It was open to public in the following year 2004.

The observation tower was built according to the design of Martin Gabriel. Similarly to other towers, it is made of iron. However, the ground floor is walled in natural stone and the octagonal tower is wood-panelled up to 8.5 high. There is an outlook gallery with eight windows at the same height. You can get there by climbing forty-five stairs. The remaining two floors are used by mobile operators.

The project gave rise to a unique and untraditional construction whose location, at the ridge of eastern part of České středohoří, made it an ideal viewing point. From here you can see for example Sokolí and Jedlová Hills and their lookout towers, Jizerské Mountains, Ještěd Mountain and its transmitter, Krkonoše Mountains, Bezděz and Říp, the ruin of Hamburk, Lovoš and Milešovka, as well as Buková Hill and its outstanding transmitter.

The names of historical lookout towers are usually derived from the name of the hills they stand on. As this lookout tower is built on an unnamed spot, it did not have a name. The locals call it Vitus´ lookout tower according to the name of its builder.

The opening hours are flexible according to the weather from May to October, Fridays to Sundays. In case it is closed you can enjoy a great view from the foot of the tower.


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GPS position

N 50° 38.964', E 14° 16.607'



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