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Konojedy a Levínsko

Levin Bell Tower

The small town of Levín is located in a picturesque area above Habřinský stream, not far from the town of Úštěk On the town square is an interesting baroque church, Povýšení Svatého Kříže (Ascention of the Holy Cross). On the nearby hill named Turmberg, in 1699, a bell tower was built on the site of an old castle or fortified settlement, the bell tower still dominates the area. It has been recently reconstructed and serves as a watchtower over the nearby areas.
Levín was first mentioned in history in 1352, when it was the seat of the parish. Not much is known about the castle, which dated from the middle of the 13th century. It was mentioned in 1538, when a „piece of forest next to the vineyard on the castle in Hradišti under Levín“ was sold. Evidently, the castle had already been destroyed for some time and the ruins were being damaged further by building vineyards on and around them.
The bell tower, which was in good repair, was built using stone from the castle ruins. A bell-shaped wooden roof was placed on the stone base. The tower was subject to lightning strikes in early times. Four people lost their lives while ringing warnings of impending lightning storms. In 1833, lightning struck the tower again and set it on fire. The tower was then reconstructed, and an additional level was added. In 1899 a new slate roof was put on, the top of the tower was fitted with a lightning rod, and the entire tower was plastered. There were up to three bells in the tower. On one was written in Latin „AVE MARIE GRACIA PLENA“. This bell apparently came from the parish church of Liebeschitzer. The second bell was cast in 1844 by Franc Gold from Litoměřice, and the third bell was donated in 1872 by pastor A. Prochazka, to replace an earlier bell that was stolen. In the First World War, the second and third bells were removed from the tower, and only the first with its old-fashioned Latin inscription has survived to the present day.


Leevin – bell tower

GPS position

N 50° 36.725', E 14° 17.030'



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