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Konojedy a Levínsko

Lake Chmelař

Not far from the town of Úštěk there is a large reservoir, which locals call Lake Chmelař. It was created in 1961 on the site of a fish pond dating from the Middle Ages by building a 508 meter long dam. The lake's volume is 1,5 million. m³. The lake is shallow – in the center of the lake and near the dam, it is about 4 meters deep, and at 150 or 200 meters from the lake shore it is less than 2 meters deep. The lakes surface area is 76.1 ha. In the northwest are extensive reeds and shallows, this is a quiet area which birds often nest in. The lake is used recreationally and for business, even though these uses sometimes are in conflict. Chmelař means hops-grower, and Úštěk was made wealthy by the hops trade. Recreational use of the lake is widespread, not only thanks to the long beaches, but also because of the many possibilities for accomodation and camping in the area. There is a fee for beach access, but you can also rent a boat or paddle-boat, or play mini-golf or beach volleyball. For fishing there is a designated fish-pond Barvíř, located in the center of the town. Fishing permits can be bought at the camp reception. Every year a clearing of the fish-pond is organized, this is not only a very interesting event but it is also possible to buy fresh fish, for example carp or pike.

Jezero chmelař

Lake Chmelar

Pohled z Levína

View from Levin

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