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Castles on the rocks


Remnants of medieval castle located on the northwest edge of Prachov Rocks (3 km southwest of Libun). Ruin of Pařez (Stump) standing on a rock resembling decayed stump. It got its name.

The castle Pařez was founded the late 14th century by masters from the Pařez, who had their seat. Jan held the castle in 1403. Another report on the stump in 1430, when it was the property of Ctibor of Pařez. Even then, however, the castle ruins. Most likely destroyed during the Hussite wars. Until today the castle is preserved pieces of masonry and carved into the rock room.

Pařez was inhabited even before the foundation of the castle. This is evidenced La Tene artifacts (ca. 5th century BC) discovered in year 1932. glass beads, coins, pottery and buckle were found here. Between 1941 and 1942, clearing the ruins, found ceramic rattle and a set of iron objects. For later periods were discovered Prague Groschen of Vaclav IV.

Rock formations surrounding the castle are based in white-yellow to white-grey coarse kaolinitic sandstone. These sandstones are not very durable, so results in decomposition to a greater extent than other types of sandstones. It is the upper part of the Teplice Formation (Upper Turonian), Czech Cretaceous Basin. Upper layers are formed conglomerate positions Březno Formation. The sandstone blocks, towers, and other departments, stands conspicuous skulptation cliffs formed a combination of mechanical and chemical weathering sandstones. Lattice or honeycomb shapes are for local rocks very characteristic. You can also find smaller rock gates, in more places rock windows.

Especially in the vicinity of these volcanics meet up with portions of ferric sandstone shaped tubes that are typical around the Pařez castle. Possible findings are core shells of mussels kind Inoceramus inconstans. The surrounding area is located in the sandstone core boxes and other molluscs.

GPS position

N 50° 28.639', E 15° 16.595'



Geopark UNESCO Český ráj
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