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Castles on the rocks

Kozlov at Lomnice nad Popelkou

Modest remains of the castle are on a high hill Kozlov near Lomnice nad Popelkou. According to archaeological researches of ceramics it was establish during the 1st half of the 14th century. The castle was captured in 1442 and has already stated as abandoned in 1462. Oval contour is defined by a moat and rampart. It was probably a castle with shield wall, which was the main defensive element. All buildings were hidden behind them. Its footprints are still visible in places. The castle was defended from the wall, and thus was not built defense tower of the castle is a narrow specialty, carved into the rock underground tunnel that goes into a deep pit. Its purpose is not clear, perhaps related to the water supply of the castle.

There is preserved to the present time, only slight traces of the original masonry on Kozlov. The buildings were built from melaphyr. Material was obtained on site. Not a very good melafyr was associated high quality mortar. Surviving binder has a light whitish color even after centuries demonstrates considerable resistance to stress and the effects of weathering. From other building materials can be preserved on the southeast side of the former moat rarely found and carefully machined blocks of medium-sized red sandstone. Even careful surface survey area ruins and fallout in the surrounding area there is no evidence for the use of bricks.

On the east side, in the former moat, is also located a few blocks collapsed yet solid medieval walls, which comes from the former city walls. According residues is very likely that the functioning of the castle wall was white. The power wall itself is moving, most likely around the thickness 240 cm. Perimeter wall itself is about 98 m inner castle area is 700 m2.

GPS position

N 50° 30.623', E 15° 20.322'



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