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Besedice Rocks

Sokol Hill

Sokol (Falcon) Hill rises to a height of 562 m above the left bank of the river Jizera, near the village of Mala Skala. You get to the peak assured viewpoint along the yellow marked circular hiking trail. This trail carries visitors through a rock maze of Besedice Rocks. View from Sokol is unfortunately largely blocked by tall trees. Offers a beautiful view of the prospect of the Suche skaly Rock that can be found only a few tens of meters below the summit. During the descent to Mala Skala miss Tyrš's rock, what is embossed founder of Sports club Sokol.

Tyršova skála na začátku 20. století

Tyrš's Rock (gegin of 20th century)

The whole rock area is developed in fine-grained to medium-grained quartz sandstones of Hruba Skala's block in the upper parts of the hills Sokol and Zbirohy. Tectonic bows to 5–10 ° to southeast are given Lusatian Fault zone, ongoing about 1 km to the northeast. The sandstones are characterized by an extraordinary variety of sedimentary textures. There is developed oblique layering over a thickness of 7 meters in the highest parts of the Sokol Hill. They can be seen the best on the Tyrs's rock. The Sokol Hill is made up intersections of basalt rock miocene and pliocene epoch.

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GPS position

N 50° 37.950', E 15° 12.198'



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