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Besedice Rocks

Kalich - nature prayer

Kalich is the enigmatic rock maze. It is created by five ravines forming part Besedice rocks. We find it less than a mile walk from the village Besedice by the yellow marked tourist circuit. Chlévište has bigger area, but Kalich offers some interesting places too. The most famous is the Chapel of Czech Brethren, where in the period after the Battle of Bila hora (1620) Protestants resorted to their prayers. They used inhospitable and inaccessible rocks to be able to safely profess their faith. It is most likely a rumor, which originated in 1930, when the trail across Besedice rocks was built in a patriotic spirit.

We found engraved chalice with the year 1634 on the local rock. Also you can read an excerpt from The Testament „Kšaft umírající matky Jednoty bratrské“, the works of the teacher of nations Jan Amos Komensky (Comenius),other the verses from Kralicka Bible or Turnov's monk. There are other historical engravings. Unfortunately, most engravings comes from recent times.

Engraving rocks damaged the natural and cultural heritage sandstone rock cities and is ** PROHIBITED **, so please don't dig the rocks and follow the other rules of behavior in protected landscape areas.

In rocky ravine leading into the prayer is seen canting sandstone boulder that fell from the top of the rocks. This is a typical manifestation of erosion in rock cities. Near Prayer can climb to the viewpoint of the Czech Brethren. Or the green tourist route go to ruin Zbirohy.

The inscription carved in Prayer

False rock gate

Corridor in Kalich

GPS position

N 50° 37.560', E 15° 12.114'



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