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Besedice Rocks

Chleviste (Cowshed)

Rock maze consists of soft sandstone. Sedimentation proceeded during Upper Turonian (part of the Mesozoic). The Czech basin were flooded Cretaceous sea in this period. Layers of sediment were formed at its bottom. The Czech Cretaceous board was created after the sea had receded waters. In the Alpine orogeny during the Tertiary development was influenced by close Maloskalsko Lusician break. Close Lusician break influenced development of area around Mala Skala during the Tertiary orogeny (Alpine orogeny). Chléviště is part of the protected landscape area of ​​the Bohemian Paradise.

The name „Chléviště“ arose from the fact that here villagers hid their cattle to protect it before passing troops in the times of war. First stop is the Kinsky viewpoint. Named after Frantisek Kinsky, agents Beautification Association, trail builder and innkeeper at the cottage Kalich. You see formation called the Turtle, Polar Bear and Hippo on the way to the next viewpoint „Kde, domov můj“. Matej Krocínovsky caves is named after preacher who was persecuted for his beliefs and executed. Behind cave you will find Husník's and Horak's viewpoints, which are among the greratest views here. It is one magnificent view of the valley Jizera on Vranov ridge Kopanina, Ještěd, Ralsko, Bezděz or Drábské světničky. The section is concluded by Vaclav Sadovsky cave. He had been in the Thirty Years War Swedish captain. He hid here his treasure. The lost and again found treasure is now preserved in the Museum of Bohemian Paradise in Turnov. Before you come to Kalich rock maze, pass the Ve Vrátkách rock group.

GPS position

N 50° 37.839', E 15° 11.973'



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