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Besedice Rocks

Besedice Rocks

Besedice Rocks lies on the left bank of the river Jizera near the village Besedice, in the protected landscape area Bohemian Paradise. It is divided into two parts the rock maze Kalich (Chalice) and Chléviště (Cowshed). Trail leads Rocks, it introduces tourists to the most important places.

The rugged area is named after carved rock altar with the Goblet. The oldest is engraved with the year 1638. Medieval castle Zbirohy anh its rock maze are available from village Michovka. Western edge of the rocky slope Sokol is called Chléviště. It is haracterized by greater segmentation. The trail weaves through narrow gorges and stash emblazoned with legends such as Matej Krocinovsky's caves and rock of exulant Vaclav Sadovsky of Sloupno. Breathtaking views across the wide area of Jizer River at Mala Skala are offered in mapy tourist prospect. Mushroom rock was created near Husník's viewpoint. Rock formations and rugged with rounded blocks in the northern part Chléviště are biased by gravity. Some blocks are completely collapsed or wedged in rocky clefts. Human imagination there appeared a stone tortoise, polar bear, hippopotamus and other picturesque formations.

Package of Upper Cretaceous sediments created the lower part of Sokol Hill towards the river Jizera. On the slopes of Sokol resulted in different slope crevasses and landslides. Part of the territory covered by the original vegetation is protected in a nature reserve Buciny at Rakousy.

GPS position

N 50° 37.854', E 15° 12.019'



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