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Water in geopark


The Žehrovka River is an important stream of Bohemian Paradise. It rises at Zajakury near Sobotka. River is 30 kilometres long in the Bohemian Paradise Geopark, only spring and estuary to the river Jizera near Březina aren’t here. It cut in Mesozoic sandstones at middle flow. They are formed rocks at the edge of the valley. Ponds were established in favorable hydrogeological conditions in the valley Žehrovka. Bedrock is built weakly permeable subsoil of calcareous claystone and marlstone of Turonian age. The most famous ponds are Dolský, Semínský and Žabakor at the end of flow. There are two Natural monuments at the river Zehrovka first is Žehrovka valley and the second is Podtrosecká údolí valley. They protect valuable natural and cultural landscapes.

Mills were built along the river, due to the flow of abundance. The oldest of them is Nebákov‘s mill, sometimes called Vik's, according to the owner in year 1935. It was built in the middle of 15th century. Today's appearance is from the first part 18th century. Construction of the mill is flush to the rock wall. Podsemín‘s mill is another mill on the river. Other mills are Pleskoty‘s Mill (founded in 1754, Thomas Miller Roudným) Vyskeř‘s mill (from the middle 16th century), built on the place, where stayed older wooden mill. The greatest prosperity was at the beginning of the World War I. Mill was modernized at this time. It was exposed to saw and began to produce electricity here. The mill wheels were exchanged for Francis turbine in 1943.

Forest at Žehrovka

GPS position

N 50° 30.855', E 15° 10.077'



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