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Pond Žabakor was founded in the 16th century. Its original function was breeding fish. His appearance has changed over 500 years. Originally had a much smaller acreage. Even in the sixties used to be smaller and overgrown water lilies, that it could hardly sail boat. Today it is an area of ​​about 60 hectares with the largest lake Bohemian Paradise. Previously it was a flow pond, brook which flowed Žehrovka. Today the river flows around the right. The pond was created in favorable hydrogeological conditions for weakly permeable subsoil of calcareous claystone and marlstone Upper Turonian age.

In 1998, around the pond and a nearby pond Žabakor Hangman declared a nature reserve. This is an important rookery with supraregional importance. Warbler nests here, for example golden oriole, spotted crake, marsh harrier (the largest nesting site in the Bohemian Paradise). It is worth mentioning here that since nesting sea eagle with a wingspan of up to 2.5 meters. Furthermore you can find nearly 100 species of birds. Some species, however, disappeared from the neighborhood pond. An example is the black-headed gull, the colony in the first half of the 20th century counted as many as 30,000 individuals. Today do not live in the neighborhood. This phenomenon can be observed in the whole territory of the Bohoemian Paradise. Apart from birds living here for 20 vertebrate species. Plants are also have a large representation. We find a number of specially protected and valuable species from the May and prstnatce globeflower European žebratku through mud, mud lousewort to very rare Epipactis Polabský. Especially Hangman pond is in terms of water and wetland vegetation is one of the most important sites in the Bohemian Paradise.

GPS position

N 50° 32.882', E 15° 2.767'



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