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Water in geopark


Brook Klenice stems in Libošovice at an altitude of 295 m above sea level. It firths to the Jizera river near Mlada Boleslav in 203 m asl. Its flow is 27.7 km long. The flow is calm with little elevation.

Klenice flows across Prokop valley to the Kost castle . Other it flows through the rocky valley nature reserve Plakánek Valley. There lies the Pilský pond (also Obora) in this valley. Other ponds depend on water from the Klenice river are the Bílý Klenice pond near Kost, ponds at the Dolní Bousov (Komorník, Buškovský, Šlejferna and the largest is Červenský).

The Klenice river forms a canyon valley. Sandstone outcrops stand on both sides of the valley. The dominant textureare clinoforms to southwest sloping angle 0–10 °, which correspond to the advancing face underwater delta, which occurred here in the Mesozoic. The overburden the main sand body occurs in the highest part of the rock to a succession of different lithologies including the position sandstone and siltstone. This section presents the transition Rohatec layers. Even higher on platforms along the valley are preserved even younger marl and calcareous mudstones Březno Formation. They are on the edges of the valley creating numerous tufa body, which is currently growing rapidly. Tufa is similar to travertine. The difference is that travertine arises from mineral springs, but tufa occurs in streams that are fortified with calcium carbonate.

GPS position

N 50° 29.420', E 15° 8.211'



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