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Water in geopark

Jizera - lower flow

The river changes its from spring to the estuary. The upper flow of the river has great power and hence erosion prevails. The middle flow loses its ferocity. Rocks are deposited rocks and sand and gravel is transported only. River is became greater and greater thanks its tributaries on the lower flow. River flows into a plane, and its speed is losed. Sedimentation of suspended matter is the main. The bottom of the river is wasted by sediments and floodplain arises. It is an area that is inundated by the floods and is shaped by them. The river changed its course completely after the great flood, if i ts not regulated. Lateral erosion dominates. Lateral erosion forms meanders.

Meander is a bend in the river with an angle greater than 180 degrees. It consists of internal and outer bank. Lateral erosion occurs on the outer banks, to which the water encounters and thereby eroding. The establishment contrast occurs at the inner bank. The floodplain the Jizera river form loose meanders. This means that the river constantly modifies its flow. There is a shifting of meanders downstream of the river, or may even be the intersection of the meander neck. This straightens the flow and the rest of the meander creates a dead arm. Several meanders are at Přepeře near Turnov. You stan dat one of them.

In places strangulation settles more river sediments. They cut off totally from live stream and it become the lake. It looks like as riverbed still.

GPS position

N 50° 34.849', E 15° 7.414'



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