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Towers and viewpoints

Zdenka's prospect

The prospect is located on a rocky outcrop of quartz sandstones Teplice Formation (called Hruboskalsko block), which lies on Cretacerous sandstones and sandy limestones Jizera Formation and possibly basal calcareous claystones Teplice Formation. The body has a quartz sandstone thickness of about 140 m. Cliff was so that Jizera gradually incised dobloku cuboidal and fine-grained calcareous sandstone.

For ten meters high cliff at an altitude of 380 m above sea level, which is a view built a beautiful view of the valley of Bethlehem Jizera on rocks. In good weather it is visible Ještěd and Krkonoše Mountains.

There are growing beech (see the prospect of a natural monument Buciny at Rakousy) supplemented with pine trees, trees for typical sandstone rocks. In the vicinity of rock rising prospects Deer Fern and endangered Western Marsh Orchid (Dactylorhiza majalis), one of the specially protected species and is located on the Red list of plants in the Czech Republic.

Rock prospect according to legend, was reportedly named after a young girl from a nearby village, who jumped off a cliff due to unrequited love.

GPS position

N 50° 36.374', E 15° 11.620'



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