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Rocks and "rock city"

Hrubá Skála rocks

Hruboskalsko rock city is most fully developed phenomenon sandstone rock city in Bohemian Paradise with the highest and most impressive rock towers. It is the largest rock city in Bohemian Paradise numbering around 400 towers. Rock area consists of light gray quartz sandstone called Hruboskalsky block (Teplice Formation). Sandstone body has a thickness of about 120 m, with individual outcrops are as high as 80 m

Hrubá Skála castle View

It is the erosion rest platforms, whose altitude is on average 380 m above the valley Libuňka. Some parts of the platform are divided into typical rock towns, study groups quite distant towers approximately square or rectangular shape whose height is up to a multiple of the width of the base. The most significant sub-groups of the rocks, perfectly developed twining of Majak, Kapela and Dračí skály. It contains dozens of perfectly developed rock towers.

Historical perspective on the Hruboskalsko rocks

An important archaeological site is the massive Čertova ruka (Devil's hand) with finds from Late Neolithic and the greatest use during the Urnfield people. Disposition of the rock promontory uses Wallenstein castle. The Seahorses were previously silicified sandstone quarried for building stone and millstones.  

Hruboskalsko – Sahara

At the top of the tower and on the edges of rocky massifs are preserved pine woods, on favorable substrates then pine beech oak and acid. Rarely there survived fir.

GPS position

N 50° 33.328', E 15° 11.545'



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