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Rocks and "rock city"

Borek rocks

Borek rocks are located west of the Rovensko pod Troskami around the Bor hill (360 m). The rocks act weakly cemented quartz sandstone strata Teplice Czech Cretaceous Basin. They form roughly circular dipping to the southwest at an angle of 5–10 °. Of sedimentary textures files are observable oblique layering. Sandstones at Borek is a good example of tectonically conditioned Kuest whose surface bowing to the southwest. Kuest retreat forehead at the moment stopped the vein of basalt and sandstone stronger in its vicinity. The walls of the valley are lined with rocky defile and continuous rock walls to a height of 20 m, rocky promontories and gorges are broken chimneys. Separate rock towers are uncommon and rather find them at the very forefront Kuest. The forehead is divided Kuest ravines and gullies falling short to the northeast. On the heels of the rocks were formed triangular cavity to overhangs, sometimes zahlubující more than 10 meters into the rock corridors of oval cross-section. Their occurrences in tight sandstone blocks sometimes lead to the creation of rock gates.

In the lower reaches of the valley formed overhanging cliffs up to 15 m long. Microrelief shows a predominance of shapes derived from the destruction of rock crusts, including rectangular and polygonal network of cracks. Honeycombs follow bedding planes and are connected to the rock ledges on without soft sandstone rock choir formed rhombic honeycomb. Rare are wall of Limestone pavement.

Iron compound gives rise to different forms of ferruginous incrustations; most common are curled up tubular formations and remnants destruovaných vertical slabs.

GPS position

N 50° 32.325', E 15° 13.907'



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