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Folk architecture

Kopic Rock Gallery

Kopic Rock Gallery belongs to popular tourist destinations. Surroundings of Kopic farmstead are famous for sculptural creations. There is statue of dragon fighter St. George made by Jan Chládek jr. From the beginning of 19th century. The original is exhibited in the Museum of Bohemian Paradise in Turnov. It was made by academic sculptor J.Novák. Kopic farmstead, originally known as Jiroš bailiff house, was erected in 1787 by Jiří Jiroš. František Jiroš (1824–1902), historically the first mayor since 1865 of the new Turnov district comes from here. Vojtěch Kopic (1909–1978) farmer and folk artist married to the farm in 1932. He used to play on organs he had at the homestead gallery. Holiday makers from nearby resorts in Sedmihorky and Hrubá Skála used to come and listened to him. Rock gallery is formed by about 300 metre long circle near the farmstead. Since 1940 Vojtěch Kopic has carved tens of reliefs in the Hrubá Skála sandstone rocks in the forest behind the farmstead in 38 years. Original artwork includes about forty sculptures and reliefs completed by texts, poems, quotations and dates. The folk sculptor used only simple tools as adapted pickaxe, pointed chisel and hammer. At first he depicted the chapel with St. Wenceslas in 1940 and the last work was the princess Libuše in 1978. Tens of reliefs inspired by Czech history and nature can be seen in the sandstone formations. It is a show of mythical and historical characters from the Czech history as St. Wenceslas, Přemysl Oráč, princess Libuše, Horymír with his Šemík, St. Cyril and Method, Jan Žižka, Jan Hus, Emperor Charles IV, king Jiří z Poděbrad, J.A.Komenský, President T.G.Masaryk and many others. St. Agnes Czech is the patron of ill, poor and suffering people and also of gas workers from the 2nd March 1991. This is because she succeeded in getting exemption from the ban on heating monasteries with firewood from the Pope Gregory IX. You can find here even Slovak bandit Juraj Jánošík. Mother with child is the symbol of the barbaric destruction of Lidice during WWII. Children are attracted to the gingerbread cottage and some animals as stag, mouflon, lion or dog.

GPS position

N 50° 33.353', E 15° 9.503'



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