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Folk architecture

Bouček homestead

Bouček homestead is situated in the centre of the township Malá Skála, right behind the bridge across Jizera River. Timbered storey house is the typical folk architecture of the geopark. As the gem of folk architecture the Bouček farm is the national cultural monument. It was opened to the public in 1988. It is the best preserved timbered farmstead in Horní Pojizeří (Upper Jizera region). It has remained intact since the extensive reconstruction in 1813. There is background for horses in the farmstead, because farmer made money also as carter as well. Cowshed and the back of the building are walled. The farmstead contains also the barn. Former rent-charge is single storey timbered building of rectangular ground plan with a gallery outside the entry to the small hall. Butchers have lived in this building until the beginning of the 20th century and there has been a shop in the walled front part, which was rented by Bouček family. The building has saddleback roof from shingles with high broken gable. There are three windows in the timbered part of the gable and one window in the walled part. Noticeable are windows of the sitting room framed in Empire style. They are the nicest classicist window frames preserved in the folk architecture of the region. They influenced changes of windows in the whole region. The hall has original classicist door set in sandstone lining. There used to be an oven fed from the black kitchen in the big sitting room. The room housing now the historical exhibition used to be a hayloft. Its name was “na klenutí” and the door for transport of hay is still there. All other rooms in the loft were used for storing hay. Now there is a pub on the ground floor and seasonal information centre with Malá Skála Gallery and museum on the first floor. Museum is focused on the history of Malá Skála region. Beams in the loft are regularly used for staging exhibitions. Society of Artists and Friends of Malá Skála runs the historical exhibition with photographs, pictures, old prints and exhibits from glass etc. Collection of pictures and sculptures contains artworks of Josef Jíra and of other 120 Czech artists of the 20th century. The far-famed pub offers traditional Czech meals. The pub has cosy timbered interior with big oven and wooden benches. It is pleasant to sit outside in the yard under big lime tree on nice day.

GPS position

N 50° 38.188', E 15° 11.463'



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