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Malá Skála

The community Malá Skála is located in the Jablonec nad Nisou district. Around 1200 inhabitants live there. The community lies in the valley of river Jizera, which offers many possibilities for tourists: from canoeing and rafting to the rope center on river bank. Malá Skála also extends on the slopes of the valley.

Malá skála in 1962 (Muzeum českého ráje Turnov)

First references originate from the year 1422, but the southern part formed already at the end of 14th century as the village Vranové, which (as well as surrounding settlements) belonged to the Dominican monastery in Turnov. After Vranové is also named the rock castle Vranov, frequently called „Skály nad Jizerou“ too. It went up on a sandstone cliff above the right bank of the river around 1425, one year after destruction of Turnov monastery by Hussites. Forests, meadows, fields and rocks then belonged to Valdštejns of the Štěpanice branch, and since the year 1538 Vartemberks, who ruled until 1615. In that time also a brewery already belonged to the homestead. Short before the battle on Bílá hora in 1620 the Smiřický family took charge of the domain, but due to sympathizing with the statute's revolt, their property was confiscated after 1620 and passed to the duke of Frýdlant, military leader Albrecht of Valdštejn (Wallenstein), who in 1628 left Malá Skála for emperor's colonel Nicolas Desfours. After Wallenstein's de­ath, Desfours got Malá Skála, Semily and Hrubý Rohozec as a free heritage. His family had been ruling here for 175 following years. In that time a hunting mansion with a tower for bell and clock was built on the northern side of the court, and around 1700 a new baroque castle formed. Besides the mentioned Vranov castle there are ruins of the Frýdštejn and Zbirohy castles in the surroundings.

Malá Skála and Suché skály

The whole area belongs to the natural park Maloskalsko. We can visit there Suché and Besedické rocks with a nature trail, or the natural reserve Bučiny u Rakous with Europe's signi­ficant locality „průlom Jizery u Rakous“. In the centre of Malá Skála there is well-known Bouček's homestead. Every year happens the music festival „Benátská noc“.

GPS position

N 50° 38.610', E 15° 11.706'



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