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Geopark's gateways


Jičín is located ca. 85 km to the northeast from Prague. It is historical centre of the region. The first reference to the town is already from the year 1293, when its owner was the king Václav II. In times of Renaissance, the Trčka of Lípa family governed the city. During their rule the Valdice gate was built. The most famous owner of Jičín is Albrecht of Valdštejn (Wallenstein), who let build a castle with 123 rooms. From the time of Wallenstein's rule also originate many early-baroque constructions, built by Italian masters. After Wallenstein's death decline and looting by emperor's and Swedish troops followed. In the year 1866 the Austro-Prussian War began. One of its battles happened at Jičín 29.6. 1866. In this battle nearly 6.000 people were killed. After the war many memorials remained, which are now connected by a marked path. You can see the historical nature of the city not only in the square, but also in arcades and in checkerboard-like network of streets. The medieval fortification and system of bastions with a fosse have been partly preserved up to now. Jičín has around 17 000 inhabitants. Its position in the Jičínská pahorkatina hilly area predestined the city to be the southern gateway into Český ráj and nearby Krkonoše. The historical city centre was declared as an urban conservation area. There are to see many preserved houses and baroque castle, connected with the church of St. Jacob the Greater by a covered stairway. The dominant of the square – the Valdice gate – is a popular outlook place. On the opposite we can find the St. Ignace church and Jesuit colleges. Significant monuments include the summer residence Valdštejnská lodžie and the park Libosad, which is connected with the city by a linden alley. Thanks to its good transport accessibility and the proximity of many historical, cultural, natural and geological phenomena, Jičín is an ideal starting position for trips to the geopark Bohemian paradise.

Jičín square

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