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Plakanek valley


Nepřívěc is a small village, part of the municipality Libošovice in the region. 37 inhabitants (2001) and 30 houses (2009) is here.

Pretty church at the cemetery and a statue of Jan Nepomuk are in this village . The church was rebuilt in Baroque to the 18th century. Original Gothic style is in the presbytery. It is a rectangular, one-nave church, with polygonal presbytery with the original vestry on the north side of the hall as the ship.

The ship is built of sandstone blocks. We can see a board baroque shield. The interior of the ship is flat roof. Originally organized as pointed windows with simple tracery. The presbytery is without backrests, also made out of blocks. Well as two windows as in a ship. On the south side is built wider window, double-pointed late Gothic tracery. The sacristy is drawn a pointed portal.

The sacristy is arched rib cross from the period after in 1506. Equipment from the 17th – 19th century. The main altar is Baroque of 18th century, portal, columned, with a niche in which is a Gothic sculpture of the Madonna from the late 15th century, around the hotel is very well carved statues of angels. The portals is Rococo with St. Peter and St. Joseph.

GPS position

N 50° 29.057', E 15° 10.159'



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