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Plakanek valley


Fort Poran is situated on a rocky promontory, located at the confluence of Klenice and Vesec stream, up to 40 m above the valley Plakánek. Fort was established here because of the sandstone promontory. It is good to protect, beacuase is imprectnable from northern, western and southern sides. Who wanted to defend the promontory was necessary to build fortifications only accessible east side. The fortifications consisted of an inner and outer wall, both supplemented ditch. It is now preserved in the field only the inner belt of fortifications; outer wall was detected in aerial photography. The inner wall is about 100 m long, wide between 12–14 m 2–3 m tall trench inner wall is about 6 m wide original entrance to the fort could perhaps be on the south side of the walls, where the inner or outer wall does not reach to the edge promontory. Thus fortified an area bounded 1.4 hectares.

Fortification could perhaps be built either in the early Bronze Age in the Lusatian culture, or rather in the late Hallstatt. Before the emergence of fortifications promontory was already inhabited in the Late Stone Age. Fort was also used in the early fortified settlement (7th – 8th century) and the 12th Century was still widespread, reaching an area of 2 ha.

Fort Poran is one of many pieces of evidence of how man since the beginning of its history, uses the natural conditions of the Bohemian Paradise for their own profit. A shaping the landscape to your advantage without being significantly destroyed. Thus, it should look something sustainable development of the territory.

GPS position

N 50° 28.765', E 15° 7.915'



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