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Plakanek valley

Fountain Roubenka

Fountain Roubenka is watered by one of the many springs. Here are different kinds of mosses and plants in wet places. For example, in the spring we can see the white flowers of spring snowflake, which is protected by law.

Crystal clear waters and romantic surroundings of Roubenka attracts tourists not only today. Frana Sramek, who was born in nearby Sobotka, spent his free time here. He drew inspiration and the Fountain is in some of his poems.

To the spring as almost to every place bind reputation. Here is a sample of one of them from the book Legends of the Bohemian Paradise written by Jaroslava Velartová:

„The young gentleman from Kost castle one night coming home from hunting without prey. He drove slowly, resentful failure, when he saw a herd of deer, and between them a beautiful golden-haired girl in a white robe. The young man remained first in the state stunned, but soon recovered and figured that the girl gets. So drove closer and started talking to her. This however did not answer. Dismounted and approached nearer enchanted by the beauty, but the girl in front of him silently retreated. The young man thus suddenly grabbed her for a dress until the movement of his hind they were amazed. Also scared young man grabbed the girl and ran away. She ran to the nearby Fountain and in a moment it disappeared. Vainly searching gaze in spring. He pulled out the sword and examined the bottom of it. But where stabbed, there is outed current. Again spread his, and stabbed wounds in the bottom of a clear spring gushed blood. And when the spring came from deep painful sigh. The young man feared the girl killed. At a meeting with an unknown girl, but still could not forget. Often in those places back, attended well and hoped that would come at the bottom of this mysterious incident. But in vain. Only water still bubbled in the Fountain. “

The legend also contains truthful information mainly in terms of sources. Sandstone water leaks and cracks in the larger gathering, when there is another breach fissure (a sword blow) due to water pressure gets to the surface and it can bubble. When the water rising up front will be saturated with ferric compounds can also look like blood.

GPS position

N 50° 28.768', E 15° 7.621'



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