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Plakanek valley

Pilský pond

Pilský Pond, also known as Obora pond is watered from Klenice. Pond spans nearly the entire valley. Name Pilský (sawmill) pond arose because the energy of flowing water powered sawmill, from which it is preserved only piece of wall. Below the lake is still timbered lodge, which before it was allegedly mill. According to legend, it lives in water sprite.

Pilský pond and its surroundings are home to many plants and animals, many of them are protected by law. You can see except deer and hares also polecats, badgers, martens. Crayfishes live in pure water pond. They are very sensitive to the purity of water. Furthermore, in the valley can be seen particularly protected alpine newt or frog slim. bats live in the rocks and the castle Kost. The most precious of them is the lesser horseshoe bat. Birds represent the kestrel and raven. In typical wetland plants grow as globeflower highest, Western Marsh Orchid.

Thanks to the unique composition of this flora and fauna, Plakánek was declared in 1990 Plakánek Valley nature reserve. Valley with sandstone rock edge and towers, fragments of wetland meadows and riparian communities, scree forests, pine forests and relict rock acidophilous oak and pine is protected. Nature Reserve is of course part of the protected landscape area Bohemian Paradise. The oldest protected area in the Czech Republic announced already in 1955.

Nature conservation does not mean only publication protected areas and determining the „rules of behavior“. Managers have to take care and to repair the damage that causes a person either directly or indirectly. Besides cleaning up garbage and the restoration and preservation of the original composition of organisms.

GPS position

N 50° 28.938', E 15° 7.863'



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